Our Mission: Empowering Tomorrow's Tech Leaders

At Inflectra Campus, we're passionate about fueling your professional growth in the tech world. Our mission is to deliver top-tier, practical learning experiences that align with the ever-evolving demands of the technology sector. With specialized courses in Spira Academy, Rapise Academy, and Partner Academy, we focus on empowering you with the skills to master Spira and Rapise platforms and excel in channel partnership.

Explore Our Specialized Academies 

Each academy focuses on a key Inflectra product, offering a range of courses tailored to enhance your skills and expertise. From mastering the complexities of the Spira and Rapise platforms to excelling in channel partnership strategies, our academies provide in-depth, thematic learning experiences.

Spira Academy

Spira Academy is a collection of courses centered around the Spira platform’s capabilities. The courses cater to various levels of expertise. Whether you are new to the Spira platform or looking to deepen your existing skills, there’s a course for you. Unleash the full potential of the Spira Platform for effective project management and quality control today!

Rapise Academy

Rapise Academy is a curated series of courses focused on mastering the Rapise for test automation. This specialized academy offers a diverse range of courses, from beginner-friendly introductions to more advanced modules. The Rapise Academy provides a clear, structured learning path to elevate your automation proficiency.

Partner Academy

Partner Academy encompasses a series of courses focused on successful channel partnership. The courses are  designed for partners who wish to deepen their understanding of Inflectra’s products and enhance their sales and marketing strategies to increase sales. Harness Inflectra's Partner Academy to achieve your business goals in tech.

Meet the Inflectra Campus Team

Our campus administrators, and course instructors are subject-matter experts  with extensive practical knowledge of their fields.

Course Instructors

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Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan

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Adam Sandman

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Dr. Denis Markovtsev 

Meet Alysia

Dr. Alexey Grinevich

Campus Administrators

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Jessica Moore

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Audrey Marcum

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