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Inflectra Campus is an on-demand training academy by Inflectra. It aims to help users master Inflectra's software platforms, SpiraPlan, and Rapise, through free and paid courses. The training academy is designed for anyone who wants to improve their product mastery.
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Our Mission. | Empower You. | Create Awareness. | Promote Knowledge.

Inflectra's goal is to boost your confidence using its tools in all aspects of the application lifecycle management and thrive in your career.

Our Training Benefits

Role Based Course
Career Ambition
Professional Certificate
Additional Benefits

Spira Academy

Courses in using Spira family of products in managing requirements, projects, quality, and administration

Rapise Academy

Courses in using Rapise Automation Testing to design & develop automation in desktop, web, and mobile applications

Krono Academy

Courses in using KronoDesk to manage help desk tickets for client work and internal product development

Interactive Learning

We offer an awesome interactive learning experience to prepare for your current and future role

Learning Pathways

Navigate freely or sequentially through management path, technology path, or hybrid paths

Intermediate Assessments

Many interactive games and quizzes to reinforce learning along with supplemental reading

Branded Inflectra Certificate

Showcase competencies after successfully completing each course with an Inflectra Certificate 

Learning Path Certificate

Earn Inflectra Path Certificate as you demonstrate proficiency in finishing all courses in your learning path

Additional Certifications

Become eligible to earn additional certifications at discounted price from Inflectra Partners

Practical Approach

Our training is designed to ensure learner's success in their role showing the quality of our training

Globally Oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allow learns to immediately use within the business processes

Career Growth

Training boosts your career growth within your current role and for a futuristic role

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  • Sriram did an amazing job with the training. The right balance of theory and focus on the Spira Tool was excellent.
    System Administrator, Government Services 
  • I would like to thank Inflectra for their continuous support. 
    Vikas Kuncham, IT Services, KiwiQA

  • A lot to take in but helped to get an good understanding of how everything is connected.
    QA Tester, Banking Services

Our Trainers

Our trainers are subject matter experts in their field with extensive practice knowledge of their fields

Course Catalog


InflectraCON 2022: Agile Testing & DevOps Conference

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What's included

InflectraCON 2022 is a two-day multi-track conference celebrating all things Software Development, Testing, Agile, Cyber, and DevOps.
Venue: Washington, DC
Date: May 5-6, 2022


Talks by industry thought leaders, testers, developers, and agile practitioners.

User Training

2-Days of Inflectra Platform Training on Spira* and Rapise.


In-Person networking to make real connections.

Team Building

Bring your team to learn and share new ideas with.

Discuss with others

Games and prize giveaways .

Networking Reception

Open to all your techies.