Partner Skills Lab 

Boost Your Sales Expertise with Inflectra Technical Skills Lab!

This partner-only series is designed to expand your technical sales skills to the next level, empowering you to excel in supporting the Inflectra products in today's dynamic business landscape.
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Why Sales Skills Lab?

  • Deep Dive into Essential Functional Skills: Uncover the intricacies of supporting Inflectra's comprehensive technical approach. 
  • Learn from the Experts: Our webinars are led by Inflectra's seasoned sales professionals, who bring a wealth of real-world experience and insights. 
  • Interactive and Engaging: Technical Skills Lab is an interactive learning journey with live Q&As, practical exercises, and peer networking, all within the Inflectra Campus.

Ready to transform your Upsell and Cross-Sell approaches to grow your business with Inflectra? 
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Partner-Exclusive Sales Courses

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Adam Sandman

Adam Sandman is CEO and Founder of Inflectra.
Meet the Instructor
Adam Sandman has an extensive background on the software development lifecycle, Adam is the strategist behind the Inflectra product ecosystem. Inflectra's products have been used in multiple industries across the globe.

Adam unveils in this course the strategies related to partners on how the partners can engage with Inflectra to solve their customer's problems with Inflectra product solutions. 

Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan

Agile Evangelist, Inflectra
Meet the Instructor
Dr. Rajagopalan leads training and client adoption services at Inflectra. With a PhD in Organizational Leadership and numerous certifications, he has significantly contributed to PMI Best Practice Guides and received the Eric Jenett PMI Excellence Award in 2017. Dr. Rajagopalan is also an active author, scholar, and dedicated community mentor and coach