Rapise Skill Builder (RSB-200)

A Gateway To Test Automation Proficiency

Welcome to the Rapise Skill Builder, the knowledge hub for mastering test automation skills using Inflectra's Rapise.

Why Opt for Rapise Automation?

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Direct Learning from Inflectra's Automation Experts:

Engage in a curriculum crafted by Dr. Markovtsev and Dr. Grinevich, the creators of Rapise, focusing heavily on automation. Their expertise offers you a deep dive into automation-centric skills and practices.

Boost Your Automation Career:

This course sharpens your automation skills, a critical asset in today's tech-driven world, enhancing your prospects in software testing and quality assurance careers.

Practical, Transfereble Automation Skills

You'll gain hands-on experience with Inflecra's automation tool - Rapise. The course prepares you to handle real-world automation challenges using Rapise, making you an key asset not only at your current company, but in any tech-focused professional setting.

Rapise Courses and Lessons: