Spira Fundamentals

Welcome to Inflectra Spira Fundamentals!

Step into the world of advanced project management with Spira Fundamentals training course. This course is specifically crafted to unlock your professional potential in software project management and testing. It's an investment in your professional growth.
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What's Included in the training?


Multimodal learning

8 Modules and 18 Videos

Focus Areas

Understand the fundamental elements of Spira with an overview of SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan features on all elements of application lifecycle.

Spira Demonstration

Boost your understanding of navigation and managing project requirements, tasks, test cases, and defects along with  standard reporting and management. 


Pointers, focused hot-spots, overlay notes, and a lot more interactions to our videos besides practice games and resource links for more engagement!

Focused on Learning

Elegant Course Navigation

Lots of learning activities

Several learning activities engaging visual, aural, and kinesthetic learning!

Flexible pathways

Navigate freely or sequentially to pace yourself through the course.

Additional Resources

Learn more with Spira Documentation and Quick Start videos.

Multimodal learning

1 Game and 50 Questions

Career Focused

Targets many professionals in software development, software testing, and project delivery management.


Test understanding with fun game to practice before the certification exam.

Digital certificates

Get a digital certificate upon successfully passing the exam.

Reimagine how you manage software projects with SpiraPlan.

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Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan

Global Lead on Training and Agile Transformation | Inflectra Corporation
Dr. Rajagopalan leads training and client adoption services at Inflectra. With a PhD in Organizational Leadership and numerous certifications, he has significantly contributed to PMI Best Practice Guides and received the Eric Jenett PMI Excellence Award in 2017. Dr. Rajagopalan is also an active author, scholar, and dedicated community mentor and coach.