Spira Skills Builder Series (SSB - 200)

Elevate your expertise with the Spira Skills Builder Series (SSB - 200), featuring exclusive training materials from InflectraCON 2020 - Inflectra's premier Agile, testing and DevOps conference.

Harness the insights and expertise shared by Spira experts at InflectraCON 2020, and propel your career forward with Inflectra's industry-leading software development project management and quality assurance platform.

Why Choose Spira Skills Builder?

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Learn from Inflectra Experts and Exclusive Content

Gain insights from Inflectra's top professionals, and access specialized training materials from InflectraCON 2020, ensuring a deep understanding of software project management and testing.
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Hands-On Learning for Your Career Growth

This course focuses on hands-on skills, specifically designed to boost your ability to effectively implement and maximize the Spira platform for project management and testing within your team and company.
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Engage with a Supportive Community

Benefit from the dynamic and supportive community at Inflectra, coupled with a flexible learning environment, to enhance both your networking opportunities and educational experience.

Reimagine how you manage your software projects with SpiraPlan.

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Meet the Instructors

Simon Bor

Simon is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of Inflectra’s products and works with the customer support teams to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Teresa Langston

Pre-sales Engineer
Teresa is a Senior Pre-Sales Engineer with 5 years of experience of onboarding customers on Inflectra's Spira Platform.

Adam Sandman

Founder & CEO
Adam founded Inflectra in 2006 and as a CEO is responsible for product strategy, technology innovation, and business development.

Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan

Head of Training
Dr. Sriram designs and orchestrates the training curriculum for Inflectra’s platform along with delivering business process consulting for strategic companies in multiple industries.